All Praise Goes To The Divine

Jacks strong points as a facilitator

– The way we landed together, welcoming, entertaining, energizing, honest, calm, open, present mind and soul, thorough, clear and compassionate. /Participants in Cuddle Party


– I delad energi och inspiration som nådde fram och tillbaka vidgades hjärtat. /Maria

Participant Flora Petri:

Jack: – What made you take the decision to particpate? 

Flora: – Sounded interesting, curiosity, I like how you hold space and that everything was open.

Jack: – What did you want or need?

Flora: – Hanging out together, maybe some good questions, touch. Rest.

Jack: – What happened?

Flora: – That is exactly what I got.

Jack: – What did you notice?

Flora: – Loved the introduction with sound and movement! Loved the way of back to back and looking into someone else’s eyes, felt super connected. There was space for everyone and every thing.

Jack: – As a result of how I was and did – how did you change? What did you get out of it?

Flora: – So sweet, caring, thoughtful, nice. I felt super cosy, warm, taken care of. Got connection, inspiration.

Jack: – Anything else you needed or wanted? What can I do differently, remove or add in your perception? How can I spice the space differently from your point of view, preference and taste?

Flora: – I really liked it as it was! Nothing to add, really. I know that doesn’t help you,  but that’s how I see it!