65 ✅

Gratitude for Sudarshan Kriya, breath, relaxation, the body, heart.

Greatful for time, Peace, money, food, Mother nature, Ancestors, friends, family.

Grateful for Gratitude. Grareful for water, senses, change, non-change.

Grateful for teachings, wisdom, God, grace, Teachers, life.

Greatful for fresch air, Puja, mantras, prayers, love, silence, Eternity, space, company, friendship.

Grateful for relaxation.

Greatful for Gratitude,

63 ✅

Grateful for Peace, time, health, money, friends, family, memories, Sisters, Brothers, love, joy, laughters, tears, Gratitude, prayers, teachers, teachings, wisdom, Ancestors, one world family, nature, relaxation, water, Mother Earth, sun, vegetables, fruits, food, abundance, sharing, grace, company, change, non change, self, body, mind & God.

Tribe Weekends 2020

TRIBE WEEKENDS ~ Stocken, Orust 14-16/8, 21-23/8, 28-30/8, 4-6/9, 11-13/9, 18-20/9

Be Together in the next Weekend Tribe with Jack Johansson in Stocken, Orust.

Jack Johansson facilitates and welcomes you to co-create a tribe space where we feel at home with ourselves and each other.

Jack guides the tribe in sharing and blooming circles and prayerful offerings in a beautiful sacred land with mountains at the ocean on the Westcoast of Sweden.

Choose your weekend here:


Welcome Home to Paddy House

Be Together with Jack Johansson in Paddy House, Penestanan Kaja, Ubud, Bali

Dear Friend,

I welcome you home to share a lunch or dinner in Paddy House.

We can share yoga, meditation, breathing, treatments and just being ~ hanging in the hammock, resting, dancing and share silence.

I may have met you in Ubud somewhere or you may have found one of the talking sticks that I have left for you as an invitation to come home to me.

Drop me a message at WhatsApp: +46703054565 to meet up.

Best wishes


När den här kroppen har dött önskar jag att askan får surfa tillsammans med skummet från vågorna i Champagneviken

Kropparna vi lever i föds och dör varje ögonblick. En dag föds de inte mer.

När den här kroppen har dött önskar jag att den kremeras och att askan sprids i havet i öppningen till champagneviken på Hermanö Huvud. Strax innanför där som vi badade på grunden, i vågorna. Lite innanför där som champagneskummet bildas. Jag vill att askan får surfa och segla tillsammans med skummet in i viken och långsamt sjunka till sin sista vila på havets botten.

Jag önskar 2 minnesplattor! 🙂 En på min farfar och farmors familjegrav i Surte och en på min mormor och morfars familjegrav under träden på Östra Kyrkogården vid Redbergsplatsen i Göteborg.


Jag är tacksam att jag har fått vara med och får vara med i det här gigantiska mysteriet, just nu.

Förmiddag. Klar ljusblå himmel.

Snickare Andreas planerar altanen. Jag reflekterar. Tacksam för lugnet, värmen, maten, solen, hälsan, Sverige, att jag är född i Sverige, att mina föräldrar har haft jobb, att mina far och morföräldrar överlevde och alla människor jag fått möta längs vägen.
Jag är tacksam att jag har fått vara med och får vara med i det här gigantiska mysteriet, just nu.

💝🙏🏼😊 PEACE & LOVE 2 U ❤️🙏🏼☀️

Beloved Vedanta Sisters ❤️ Devis Of An Ancient Tradition

Today I was lucky and blessed to receive The Traditional Teachings of Vedanta from My Beloved Devi Sisters Shāradā & Sanna.

What to say… Hmm…

Words can not describe. Convey.

Vedanta is, as I understand it, the end portion of the Vedas. It talks about me. About who I am. That I am full and complete. Ok. Adorable.

There is something beyond words to be with Sanna & Shāradā. To be there when they share what has blessed them. It’s difficult to convey in words here. I’m grateful.

It was very relaxing and grounding to receive their sharing and teachings for me today. The mantras, the sound vibrations, the chanting touched me.

What more to say? Our whole life may be a journey of expressing the inexpressible.

Tomorrow, Sunday at 10.00 they share again!
Come! Everything is possible. Now.
You are most welcome ❤ (as I understand it 😉 In my perception… ❤

Below is info from their Facebook event:

Where: Hulebäcksgymnasiet, Idrottsvägen 2, 435 35 Mölnlycke (15 min with bus from Korsvägen, Gothenburg or 30 mins by bus from the central station. 10 mins by car)
We will be in either the dance hall or the drama hall, however we’ll meet you down at the big entrance at 10am.

Since it’s weekend, the doors will be locked so if you’re running late please call us before 10 so we can organise to come down and open for you once you arrive. Sanna: 0708-704859
At lunchtime we’ll walk together to Bäckvägen 20B, Mölnlycke and enjoy a nice vegan meal.

Vedanta, Puja, Meditation, Mantra, Chanting, Satsang and anything else you wish to invoke. We feel inspired to share and deepen those teachings and practices that have helped us so and that keep inspiring us over and over again!

This will be an opportunity to spend time with the traditional teachings of vedanta which is the means for mokshah – freedom from suffering. We will spend time both with the vedic vision itself and with the practices that help us to find balance and harmony in our daily lives. We will share those things that have really blessed us, and made our lives both easier, happier and more meaningful.

If you have special wishes for topics to adress you’re welcome to let us know, the participants can also influence what we do this weekend.

Preliminary schedule:

10.00 Welcome & tea
10.30 Meditation
11.00 Vedanta
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Naturewalk & rest
15.00 Puja
16.00 Vedanta
17.00 Satsang
18.00 Finish

Sharada & Sanna have devoted their lives to understand and pass on the tradition of advaita vedanta. They live in Bali with their teacher Swāmī Vāgishānanda Saraswatī and study with him daily since the last 7 years. In the summer they spend time in Sweden, to teach and also study with Shri Rādhāji (Dr Carol Whitfield). They can also help you with personal guidance as well as sanskrit, chanting & mantra.

When: Sat-Sun 13-14 August

Welcome for one or both days.

Price: Suggested donation 450kr/day inkl lunch. If you’re interested and can’t contribute with money please let us know.

Signup: yogadeepening(at)gmail.com or omjennysharada(at)gmail.com

Warmly welcome to join us for one or both days this weekend, we’re so happy we can share our passion in this way!
Much Love, Shāradā & Sanna