Back on our dreamlife rice terrace

We sat on top of the riceterrace on the same spot where we met two years ago. Our dreamlife happened every moment every day and night.

Ayu started to use her last name Agustin some days ago. It means blessing and victory.

Agustin drank some water. I was writing here. She was asking if I wanted some more sate. It was a nice spicy taste in my mouth. We had just been through five intensive inner transformational days.

– You look great, I said.

– You too, she said.

An hour later the rain was pouring down and Agustin was back to work. I wrote here again and planned to finish some video editing. On the way back to her work we were sharing how we felt about some choices we had made lately.

It was the last Friday in November 2018. Afternoon. Around 5pm.

My feet were a bit cold from the aircondition in Agustins store. The rain was still pouring down. Agustin borrowed me her extra pants and a warm jacket.

I asked Agustin:

– How is our dreamlife manifesting right now?

– Prayers and meditation, she said. And then she told me she will write down her intention for coming months and the trainings that she wish to do.


Full moon at Mumbai Station

We sat in Mumbai Station Cafe. It was a full moon evening. Balinese music were dancing out from the speaker in the corner next to us. We had been enjoying Masala dosa and Kulfi ice cream for some hours. Before that we made our longest walk since a long a time back. Ayu’s legs were still pulsating a bit. We were sharing time and space while we were walking through the ricefield without rice. For about half a year there hadn’t been any water in the fields. We passed by a graveyard and saw the sunset through the big palm trees.

Ayu was a little bit sleepy. I felt the a bit cooler air swaying in from outside. We were just about to leave. We were a few kilometers from home.

We looked forward to some tea and our comfortable big bed that was like a hang mat. We were grateful for the nice food and our company.

We didn’t know how coming days would unfold. We wished that we and everybody would have good days ahead.

The full moon were shining and we didn’t know…