15. Another Day of Saving Lives. I’m Grateful for Love and Peace.

Another day of saving lives. My life. Body. Mind.
Grateful for tea, boiled water, time, Mum, Jalle, Giggi, Bonzo, Sama Yoga & Vedanta Sanga, Guruji, Brothers & Sisters.

Grateful for you my friend, for you who I got to share this journey with, for you who have shared this life with me.

I’m grateful for the moments we shared together. The joy, sorrow and all the colours and taste of this mystery.

I’m grateful for knowledge, wisdom, love, care – the life force energy – prana. 
I’m grateful for everything that keeps this body alive and supports life. I’m grateful for the opposites that makes the other opposite shine. Death. Life. Stress. Health.
I’m grateful for the breath and relaxation. I’m grateful for the communication between the mind and the body and breath.
I’m grateful for relaxation that expands my awareness and state of mind.

I’m grateful for prayers. I’m grateful for the infinity. I’m grateful for all the love and peace I have seen and received. 

I’m grateful for you. I’m grateful for everyone who prays. 
I’m grateful for letting go.

I’m grateful for tears and laughters.

I’m grateful for faith. 

I’m grateful for the changing nature of this Universe.

I’m grateful for sharing these moments and lines with you. I’m grateful for not being alone.

It’s scary my friend. Brother. Sister.

It’s scary to lose myself. 

It’s scary to close my mind and body.

I pray to be open and free. Stressfree. Happy. Light.

I’m again grateful for all oppostites and for the knowledge of life.

I’m grateful for you my sister and for you my brother. Without you this journey would be more challenging and painful. 

You made my life lighter.

I’m Grateful for Love and Peace.


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