14. I remember the silence in me with you. 

Now I wish to share with you again.

Such a day it was. Such days. Since yesterday afternoon. First stuck. Then free. Calm. Then happy. Smiling. Thanks again Thomas for sharing your joy and love making my cheeks hurt. 🙏🏼😆

Now bliss. Presence. Life. Prana. Lifeforce energy.

Thank You Universe for Elisabeth & Aina. 

Feeling and thoughts in the dark. Who am I speaking to? Who am I writing to? Who cares? I care.

I share with you also now. No matter if you care or not. I do.

I love to share this silence with you. I pray it is with you now.
Ishwara My Heart,
I’m with you and you are with me.

My Dear,
I don’t know who you are. We may have met. We may not. Yet.

There is so much to share. You were on the right track. You had it. You did it. You can.
My Dear,
I’m stuck. She is in me.

My Dear,

I remember the silence in me with you. Welcome back silence.

My Dear,

I remember your touch and the goosebum in me from there.

My Dear,

I long to say Goodbye to her. A Good Bye. Fare well.

Dear Master,

I remember the silence between the mantra. Welcome silence.

Dear Heart,

Dear Soul,

Dear Silence,

Eternal Silence,

Dear God,
Happy thank you more please 🙏🏼
We did it E & A!


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