12. I Give Me To You

I do it now.
I need. I have to. No choice.
This is how it is. Was.
I played tonight. So grateful for that. For the play. Touch. Silence. Rest. Relaxation. Trust. Faith.
I wanted to share the joy with you.
I have to share it with others now. No choice. I have to share. I need. Can’t live without sharing. Expressing.
There is so much inside. Me.
I’m grateful for the music. For Magnus & Magnus & Jenny. For the group.
I’m grateful for Hogne. I’m grateful for asking for support and for always continue and never giving up.
I would love to share everything with you my dear. It hurts to not be able to share with you now. I guess this is how life is now. I guess life tells me to move on and to share everything with others now.
I have to share. Live.
I know even more now what you ment with:
“- Let me love you!”
I did. I let you. And I loved. You. Us.
I do it now.
My love for you will go on. My love for you will never stop. It just is.
I do it now.
I give it to someone who takes it. Someone who let me love.
My Dear
My New Dear
My Heart
Old or New
My Dear
I Give Me To You


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